From the exclusive olive oil to frying, going through the firewood, make the difference of our restaurant, traditional cuisine, with excellent raw material, simple elaborations, medium portions and absolute respect for the product. We have a daily menu, with homemade dishes and traditional stews, at noon.

The “pintxos” à la carte, show the most honesty, since they are elaborated at the moment, exclusively for the client. The meats, like the “txuletón” to the wood, are our maximum standard. (or banner) The cod, which also represent a good part of our menu, are elaborated, many of them grilled, with their own and authentic recipes.

Our work and personal treatment have made our clients friends for many years.

We work with love

In Pintxokalea we take care of all the details, from the selection of the best ingredients directly from the producer to the presentation and the service, close and professional.

Groups and Events

Our spacious place is perfect for groups. Contact us for your celebrations and events.

NON-STOP Kitchen

We have our kitchen open all day for you (from opening to closing of the restaurant). So do not worry if it’s too late to eat, it’s always good time.

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