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If you want to enjoy our food in the comfort of your home, you can order any dish from our menu to go. (including the dish of the day).


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! And you will also have a 15% discount!

Welcome to the table. We wish you a wonderful experience.

Every day we have a dish of the day at 9€

"Pintxos" in Galician bread:

Norwegian salad, avocado and capers served over a slice of brown bread 2,40€
Selection of three different kinds of cheese, walnuts and honey 2,40€
Foie, caramelized apple, raspberry jam 2,40€
Baby cuttlefish “diávolo” in onion sauce 2,40€
Spicy creole sausage, vegetables roasted over a wood fire and chimichurri 2,40€
Thin red paprika sausage roasted over a wood fire and strong typical cheese from Asturias (Cabrales) 2,40€
Stirred of mushrooms, wild asparagus and Iberian cured ham 2,40€
Crunchy cod, piquillo peppers, gratiné with garlic mayonnaise 2,50€
Pork sirloin, caramelized onion, fig jam 2,50€
Cod omelette, raisins and choricero pepper sauce 2,50€
“Pilgrim rest”, sirloin roast over a wood fire, seed bread and Gorgonzola cheese 8,00€
Kokotxas of Skrei with chili peppers vinaigrette 4,00€
Caramelized croquettes made of strong typical cheese from Asturias ”Cabrales” (3 units) 4,00€
Thin red paprika sausage roasted over a wood fire and morcilla de Burgos and peppers from Gernika 8,00€
"Minicojonudos" French fries in olive oil, eggs coming from free range hens and Iberian cured ham 10,00€
Roasted scallops with smoky grilled red peppers, aubergines and onions roasted over a wood fire with red thin spicy sausage powder with olive oil 11,00€
Basque Omelette (cod, raisins and onion omelette) 12,00€
Small grilled calamari, with spinach, almonds and raisins 12,50€
Scrambled eggs with red shrimp 12,50€
Crushed eggs, cod and rice black pudding 12,50€
Cuttlefish with small fava beans and iberian ham 12,50€
Young lamb sweetbread sautéed, wild asparagus and mushrooms 14,00€
Three typical Basque cheeses (Ideazabal, tetilla y cabrales) 12,00€
Pork sirloin cubes, piquillo peppers sautéed sliced potatoes with candied onion 14,50€
Esqueixada, typical salad from Catalonia whose ingredients are shredded cod, red and green peppers, onion, olives and tomato 12,00€
Endive salad with avocado and selection of smoke fish and cider vinager 12,00€
Gratiné goat cheese salad with raisins and walnuts 12,00€
Mango salad with foie, season fruit and fig jam 12,00€
Tuna belly salad with Manchego cheese and piquillo peppers  10,00€
Eggs with fried peppers, tomatoes, onion and thin red paprika sausage (served in an iron cooking pot) 7,00€
Spicy grilled mussels 7,00€
Spicy baby cuttlefish cooked with tomato, onion, white wine typical from Vizcaya 9,00€
Mushrooms roasted over a wood fire with grilled fresh foie 10,00€
Ox cubes and its witnesses, padron peppers and potatoes 10,00€
Pil pil cod; a basque dish made of oil in which the fish has been cooked with its own fat and olive oil 15,50
Grilled cod, roasted peppers, potatoes and gratiné garlic Mayonnaise 15,50€
Grilled cod with Iberian ham and young garlic 15,50€
Roasted cod, tomatoes, basil and candied onion 15,50€
National hake with carabineros cream 16,00€
We work together with our friend Francisco Masanet elaborating sausages in a traditional way and in the process of maturation of meats.
We do not buy aged meat. Each piece has its own process and evolution, each piece is different.
They all carry our love ... Enjoy it.
Grilled young lamb (10-13Kg) 15,00€
National beef tenderloin, Idiazabal cream and herb butter 23,00€
Beef tenderloin with carved wood and garlic 23,00€
Asturian beef sirloin, grilled foie, mushrooms and demiglace of its own juice 25,00€
45 day aged Galician beef steak 42,00€/Kg
Dry aged Galician beef steak 48,00€/Kg
Asturian veal T-Bone with Idiazabal cream 38,00€/Kg
Dry aged low tenderloin Galician cow to stone (400 gs) 24,00€/Kg
Gourmet roasted with firewood (minimum two people): Creole sausage, Burgos black pudding, thin red Paprika sausage, beef tenderloin, beef steak, young veal, pork tenderloin 36,00€
 All the meats are garnished with our potatoes in the pan with Gernika peppers.
White tune fatty loin, Manchegan cheese and piquillo peppers Salad
Basque Omelette (cod, raisins and onion omelette)
45 day aged Galician beef steak
Curd or season fruit
Bottle of cider or two drinks
Price for the whole menu: 68,00€ (34,00€ per person)
Nougat ice cream (By Guillermo Severa) 4,00€
Toasted rice pudding and vanila ice-cream 4,00€
Homemade curd with honey and walnuts 4,00€
Toasted chocolate cream and mint icecream 5,50€
Orange cream with caramel muscatel (Antique traditional recipe) 6,00€
"Pantxineta" typical Basque dessert, made of puff pastry and custard cream , with caramlized apple and chocolate ice-cream 5,50€
Mascarpone cheese cake, apricot and honey 6,00€
"Ahívalaostia" 6,00€

All prices have VAT included

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